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Coral Way Restaurant Owners 


Your Coral Way small business is a vital part of our community. Greener Coral Way aims to help restaurants begin or carry on with their sustainability efforts by offering them education, incentives and recognition. By removing Styrofoam, reducing single-use plastic, and addressing food waste, Commissioner Higgins wants to work with our local businesses residents to see the main road become a Greener Coral Way!

Restaurants of all sizes are encouraged to participate in the program. Restaurants only have to eliminate or replace 1 plastic or Styrofoam item to be enrolled. See the levels below to decide which is right for your business. 

Program Levels

Eligible Items 

To be eligible for Greener Coral Way, members must eliminate or replace the following plastic and Styrofoam items from their establishments:  

  • Straws

  • Bags

  • Cups

  • Lids

  • Silverware

  • To-go containers

If you have already eliminated or replaced one of the above items with a more sustainable product, you are eligible for Greener Coral Way and all of the benefits that come with it.

Membership Benefits ​
  • $2,500 Grant from Commissioner Higgins' office to help transition to more sustainable practices

  • Official recognition certificates for display at establishments

  • Recognition Decal on their business 

  • Access to Program Branding for for use on menus, social media, and other promotional materials

  • Promotion of business to residents, neighborhood, community, and environmental organizations 

  • Business to be featured in printed promotional material that will be distributed to the community through Commissioner Higgins' office and The CLEO Institute

  • Increased engagement with the local neighborhood associations

  • Catering opportunities with District 5 and The CLEO Institute Events

  • Greener Coral Way membership networking events 


And more to come!

Are you interested in Joining Greener Coral Way? Fill out the form below, and the Greener Coral Way team will be in touch. Feel free to contact Rachel Cohen at for more information. 

Gold Level 

Business is 100% plastic and Styrofoam free

Silver Level 

Business has eliminated or replaced 3 or more plastic and Styrofoam items

Bronze Level 

Business has eliminated or replaced 1 -2 plastic or Styrofoam items

Why Sustainability Matters For Businesses

food waste.png
Our Community

The Roads, Silver Bluff, and Shenandoah are neighborhoods comprised of young families, as well as residents who have lived here for over 40 years.  The total population is approximately 60,000 people.  

Where We're Headed


We are already seeing more and more young families moving into our neighborhoods.  Millennials (ages 22-36) are now the largest population in the United States. They are poised to be the nation’s biggest spenders, as they move into their prime earning and spending years. Millennials consider social responsibility and environmental friendliness when considering their purchases, so brands face Millennials’ significant expectations in terms of shopping and investment dollars. 


  • The National Restaurant Association identified sustainability and reducing food was as "hot trends"

  • Nielsen's 2018 Report shows that corporate sustainability is in high demand across gender and generations.  Another report found 55% of consumers worldwide will pay more for products and services from companies that embrace environmentally-friendly initiatives.

I am interested in joining Greener Coral Way 

What program level are you interested in enrolling as?

Thank you for your interest in joining Greener Coral Way!

Our program coordinator, Patrica, will be in contact with you within 3 business days.

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